06 March 2015

Spring Is In The Air...

Signs of Spring...

According to the Internet, the vernal equinox signals the beginning of nature’s renewal in the Northern Hemisphere. Worms begin to emerge from the earth, ladybugs land on screen doors, green buds appear, birds chirp, and flowers begin to bloom. AAAAAAHHHH...I can already feel the heat of the sun on my shoulders and for some of us, plans to sow seeds as soon as the earth warms up has us thumping all sorts of catalogs!
People on the East coast are still facing lots of snow however but here on the West coast, Winter has been very mild. Robins are singing in the wee morning and each evening brings us a full recital from the marshes with the frogs' songs!
With another trip to Europe (yes, I have lots of catching up to do after the last 27 years!) I thought to check out the latest fashion just to revamp a tad some of my same old, same old... I quickly realized I remain classic in my choices no matter how boring it might appears!
Here is what I found...

Photo source (HERE)

No, definitively not for me! The bow (Good Heavens! Who thought of this?!) was just a tad much never mind the frilly petticoat!

Photo source (HERE)

This looked much better though! I would have chosen the next size skirt myself but that's more 'me' (minus the blond locks. Oh well, I will not go that far. Grey is fine!)

Then I spotted the do's and don'ts for those of us above the age of 30... There I meet the requirement!

Here are  24 tips you might not know...Albeit it depends on your personal style (and if it makes you happy, whom should argue?)

And if I could reinvent myself...

(Photo source: Google - Audrey Hepburn)

But seriously, this is what I would want to be remember as...

A caring person...

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