28 March 2015

What Is Happening These Days My Way...

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It is well known that the world's diamond center and second petro chemical center is in Belgium.
Approximately 90% of raw diamonds in the world are either negotiated, polished and/or distributed in this beautiful city. Behold Antwerpen!

And for those who love history...Here is a place you might not know of...


With their whole life packed in a few suitcases, millions of people sailed from Europe to America after 1800. The United States and Canada were the promised land for fortune seekers and everyone looking for a better life. For many people, the trip to the New World began in a warehouse in Antwerp. Red Star Line ocean steamers paved the way to a new life for about two million men, women and children between 1873 and 1934.

The Red Star Line Museum is a journey to the past and an encounter with the present. Migration might have a different face these days, but the human side of migration is timeless and universal.

There are countless stories you might like such as Alexis De Laet's who left his native village of Burcht for Chicago in 1911. When World War I broke out he returned to Belgium to join the Belgian army.
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Stunning and well worth visiting!

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  1. I guess all our country is full of people who came from somewhere else or their parent or grandparents.

    1. Australia has an incredible history (my favourite book on the subject was published in 1968-The longest shore?- and was compiled mostly of lettres, like a diary, just fascinating!)


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