22 September 2015

Shame On That Employee!

We hear all too often bad news and shy away from listening to much more. That said, too much is at stake for us to ignore what is happening in the world. 

Like most of you I have my (listening) priorities and these ride for the moment on the subjects of the mass exodus of refugees from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq etc...and of course the arrival of Pope Francis in the US.  

I cannot imagine for a moment what these families have experienced as they flee their countries, often leaving loved ones behind, hoping to find a measure of security and a future for their children! My prayers goes to them!

As to Pope Francis, I find this man of peace the one true hope for our world! 

Injustice has changed the face of our Earth, and too often we believe it is not our responsibility to do something about it. 

I am certain Pope Francis will make a few people squirm in the next few days...

And now for Axel and his companion (see photo above): 

'Captain Jason Haag, a former Marine who served tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, was attending a gala for Service Dog of the Year in Los Angeles where his German shepherd, Axel, was awarded the top honor. 

Jason Haag and his wife were scheduled to fly home to Fredericksburg, Va. after the event but as they were boarding, an American Airlines gate agent reportedly pulled him out of the line, told the veteran the flight was full and demanded proof that Axel was a real service dog.'
(source HERE)

Really Folks? This honourable man served his country yet both he and his rightwing 'man' (Axel in this case) and family were subject to such indifference? 

For shame!

Note: I do not like to voice an opinion usually but this one felt like a good cause! Where would we be without our veterans and the men and women who serve God and Country!!

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  1. Our Country frequently gets its priorties all mixed up ~ What a treasure this man and his dog are ~ thanks for the post and photos

    Happy Week to you,
    artmusedog and carol


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