15 October 2015

Faces Of Courage: Intimate Portraits Of Women On The Edge

  • Hardcover: 344 pages
  • Publisher: Val De Grace (October 14, 2015)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 978-0984884988


Mark Tuschman is a man on a quest. For the past decade, he has journeyed across much of the developing world documenting the travails and triumphs of women living in very difficult circumstances. On a daily basis, millions of these women face crippling poverty, sexual violence, serious health problems for themselves and their children, and often a total denial of even their most basic human rights. 

In this extraordinary photo expose, Tuschman documents it all, along with the efforts by many international organizations, aid groups, and doctors and nurses to help these women and girls cope, heal, stand up for themselves and become all they can be. This is reality in the raw, but as Tuschman shows us, these women have an almost unbelievable strength and resilience, and theirs are faces of incomparable dignity and courage. 
The book comes with endorsements from major figures in the world of women’s health and human rights.

My thoughts:

Look deeply into the photo above and now read its description:

- In the rural Pali district of Rajasthan, India, where child marriage is widely practiced, American photographer Mark Tuschman is at the home of young Kala, a child bride. Elegantly dressed for her portrait in a red sari, she looks into the lens of Tuschman’s camera with great dignity. Kala was married when she was three months old so that her family could avoid the payment of a dowry. She is now 13 and in seventh grade. She is still living with her parents, but will soon go to her husband’s home where she will be deprived of the rest of her childhood, trapped in a cycle of poverty that will include years of household labor and childrearing and very possibly, domestic abuse.-

Let me first say upfront I have yet to read this (newly released) compilation of what too many women face everyday in our world but it immediately grabbed my interest! 

Marc Tuschman was unknown to me when I spotted the cover of his book and the related article (see HERE) but I immediately sensed this is a man who through the lenses of his camera brings us stories of unparalleled dimension. 

There you will find the many faces of hunger, deprivation, despair, faces that reminds us the viewers of child marriages leading too often to teen pregnancy, dowry abuse and domestic violence including rape, human trafficking and prostitution to name only a few...

Editorial reviews tells us it would appear the most remarkable of Tuschman's achievement is that it also reflect the hope each and everyone of these women hold deep into their heart...

I recommend you purchase, beg or borrow this one as I will!!

"Faces of Courage is a photo essay of staggering importance. Tuschman has traveled the world to bring back portraits of girls and women struggling against great odds to make something of their lives. His riveting photos open up a window into the hearts and souls of women and girls fighting violence, poor health, oppression, and lack of opportunity. This book will become a part of you and will encourage you in your efforts to make a difference in the world."
Ruth W. Messinger
President of the American Jewish World Service

About the Author:

Image result for photographer mark tuschman

For nearly a decade, Tuschman, a veteran freelance photographer of over 35 years, traveled to seventeen countries—India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Laos, and Indonesia in Asia; Ghana, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and Malawi in Africa; and Nicaragua, Guatemala, Peru, Ecuador and Trinidad in Latin America. 

Note to Readers: I would count this book as an excellent gift idea for the Holidays and NO I was not asked to mention this book by anyone!

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