26 May 2010

ARC, knitting and favourite colour

Rain, rain, rain...and more rain. Me thinks there is no better time than to knit! It is something I love and relax with.
I picked up yet another knitting magazine whilst in the UK, (http://www.letsknit.co.uk/)
and could not resist the beautiful acrylic aqua/clear crochet which came with it!
I hear they are giving away needles for June... dreaming...

One of the many sites you have heard me saying I enjoy to visit whilst knitting for their Neonatal Division (who does not love knitting layette?) is http://heavenlyangelsinneed.com/. I cannot praise enough this group dedication to helping families in need!

I am always asked why I knit... I just know it makes me feel good. I should add I never knit for myself and thus this is a small way in which I contribute to charities. My way of doing something to help out our economy and those in (greater) need!

I came across the ARC ad for knitting in the 1940's and loved the memories! The Armed Forces still need folks willing to knit for a good cause to this day!

A favourite: http://www.theshipsproject.com/Home.htm

Knit one, purl one,...click, click... Let's not forget a little piece of dark chocolate for strength...

By the way, I just signed up for newsletters at the following:


Rain, rain, click, click, and guess what my favourite colour is?
Oops, dinner time! That is as soon as I have prepared it...

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