10 May 2010

New car, good service and blessings

New car (albeit with a few miles on the odometer, but new to us! A 2003 Suzuki XL7 with enough space for MacIntosh's crate! Welcome and please, keep us safe!

And now for good service! My heart broke when the insurance company of the man who rear ended us totaled our little RAV4. I know it had many, many miles on it but we took good care of it and it was hard to say goodbye!

Obviously we were too shaken as we quickly removed our belongings and I forgot something in the glove compartment. I must admit I did not think of it immediately but when it hit me, I just knew I had to try to retrieve it.

I placed a call and left a voice mail message at the auto repair shop. We had left our little car in their parking lot to be collected by the salvage company and so albeit this being a long shot I inquired if anyone had find a little piece of mica holding a picture of our Lady of Scherpenheuvel. So insignificant yet a gift from my Mum, something my Dad had in his cars always.

As for blessings, here is the rest of the story: I was given a phone number to the salvage company and told poor old faithful was going up for auction this coming Friday. The kindly receptionist offered to check the glove compartment and promised to call back.
A few minutes later, she called and yes, she had found the little piece of mica and placed it in the mail to return it to us. How nice of her!

There is a reason for everything in life and I thank God He is always nearby! I am after all just a dreamer...

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