26 May 2010

South America, children of the world and knitting

I came across this fantastic photo and wanted to share it with family and friends. Children eyes, an open door to the world! There is nothing like it!

As sponsors of a little girl through Child Fund (http://www.childfund.org/) we love to talk about Lina, wondering what she is doing with her family right now, what are her hopes for the future...She is only 9 and we would like to think the world is hers to grab but she lives in a very poor country, the family earns only $15 a month yet are very lucky as they own their own home.

We wonder if she is in good health, has enough to eat and we hope our small contribution indeed makes a tiny difference. We are writing our first letter to her and there are so many things we would love to share with her. We cannot wait to hear what she will write back!

My first newsletter from the Knitbox arrived (http://www.theknitbox.com/) in my email and I could not resist their beautiful Turkish cotton yarn and placed an order.
I just had to see the quality for myself and knitting for little ones often sick, I select carefully all the yarn I use!

Customer service was so nice! Oh yes, and they ship to the US as well (Note: shipping cost is fixed worldwide thus cost to the US is the same than the UK, fantastic!)
And knitters, check out also their patterns when you have a chance!
Dream, dream, dream...

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