19 May 2010

Mountains, furry neighbours and tiny cabin

Definitively one of the first signs of the upcoming Summer season for us is planning to go check on our cabin in the woods. Each year we go open the cabin and check to be sure all is well after a long, long winter nap. Once the shutters are opened, we sweep the floor, check our supplies an replenish our wood pile.

It is nothing fancy, just a small cabin built on a 20 acres lot on the side of a mountain but it becomes home when we have the chance to runaway!

I am learning to cook on a wood cooking stove and I can tell you there is nothing tasting better than pancakes, eggs and bacon early in the morning!

The nights are cold and the days hot. There is no electricity and our best friend is a 5000 watts generator but we have all the water we want thanks to a 306 ft well.

The night sky especially is a wonder to see. The stars never seems so close to earth than on top of a mountain with no light pollution!

The wildlife are our closest neighbours, a small transistor radio our only contact with civilization and mountain air allows us to breathe without the fear of smog!

You hear the many song birds, the bull Elk snort, the calling of the wolves late at night and a lonesome coyote in the valley... In the mornings you see lots of Marmots... they just want to check out those Humans!
We remember how life should be, less stressful, closer to Nature and the Creator.
It is a good time for relaxation, a few good books, some knitting and a few dreams...

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