07 September 2010

Apples harvest, Autumn season and dry dock

As we crossed the valley to reach our mountain hideaway we could see the harvesting in progress! All those apples...My mind thought of the pies, gosettes (turnovers) compotes and such I could prepare...I can just smell them...To the kitchen!

Autumn is so near, you can feel it in the air and it is not just the bees looking for food and ready to pounce and sting the innocent!
The leaves are starting to change colours, the nights are much cooler and the days seems to be getting shorter. It's my favourite season of the year!

Dry dock is soon to be upon us too which means we will have no way off island unless it is an emergency. Food and other supplies (lots of books!) have been brought in and we shall enjoy every minute of the peace and quiet for a few weeks! The island is now truly ours!

Dreaming, dreaming...or maybe not after all...

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