20 September 2010

Rain, more rain and more rain

Okay, this is only the beginning of the season but it is not funny! Rain, rain and more rain!

I never mind walking in the rain or listening to the sound of it falling on the roof but I discovered another aspect of all this humidity on the island, mildew, and I cannot abide it!

It is a never ending battle, more so since our trusty dehumidifier is now defunct! It would figure since we are in dry dock and cannot leave the island either for awhile!

We are told in the forecast we can expect "possible occasional" showers in the morning, 50% rain in the afternoon and 30% tonight...In other words, RAIN!

Judging from our Corgi's face whilst we dress him in his rain gear each morning, the rain cannot stop too soon.
I must own the only Corgi who does not like water...Poor MacIntosh! He so loves sandy beaches!

Quack, quack...

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