26 February 2011

Cold Weather and Baking Bread

Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day

This has been a week of challenges...Our ferry broke down...again...sigh...
We have lost so many times the power we have lost count of it!
Despite our 15 mile/hour speed limit a careless driver hit a beautiful buck in front of our property...He was never far from his doe and twin fawns...They must miss him terribly!
We have seen snow...almost unheard of on this island...Cold...it is 5 degrees Celsius - 22 degrees F - and I, like many say...Winter go away!

Yet Spring is not so far...I have seen hints of it (our Jonquils are showing up in the garden) and on wonderful inspiring blogs... Beautiful photos of Snowdrops, the planting of new seeds, even a lovely pair of pumps for Spring outings...

But the postings I felt drawn to were just mouth watering...baked bread!
Here are a few for you too to check out:


Now I feel just a tad better!
Baking is something I love to do and it is a fact our house often smells like a bakery! I am always looking for the "perfect" recipe!
Our Corgi is a "Kitchen Corgi" and even Maira, the Cat is never far. I call my kitchen the "Comfort Zone"!

Anyone who is familiar with Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day has discovered the wonders of Home Baking the easiest way!
I found a reference to this book just a couple of weeks ago and decided it would be a perfect addition to our library. Ever the practical person my husband suggested I first check out the local library...Luckily the book found its way over to our island within days and here we are...
Tempting it is and yes, I am on my way to the kitchen...

Perhaps I too will be able to post a "picture perfect" loaf of bread! Just dreaming...

And if I fail...well, there is also the version below! (There seems to be an Idiot version of anything these days!) and I am sure our Public Library will help there too!

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Easy Artisan Bread

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