13 February 2011

Sunday, Stay cation and Sausage Rolls

(Birtsmorton Church - Photograph by M. Davis)

Today is Sunday and whilst most everyone we know seem to face a cold snowy day yet again, we have 8 C degrees - 47 F - and it is quite sunny!

February always brings memories as we usually go home...We miss the Malvern Hills and all that we hold dear!
This year will in fact be a first - a stay cation year! No worries though! Life is good, we count our blessings and remember that tomorrow has yet to come!

I thought to share today a recipe for Sausage rolls, a favourite in our house!
Easy to prepare, perfect for Sunday brunches and I have yet to meet anyone who does not like them.

A quick note for our vegetarian friends: you can easily substitute the filling with veggies and cheese!

Sausage Rolls


17 - 20 oz. ready-made puff pastry dough
16 oz. loose sausage meat ("bulk," or removed from casing)
1 egg, beaten to seal and glaze the pastry


Make an egg wash by mixing the beaten egg with ¼ cup water. Cut the puff pastry into eight, square sections approximately 5"x 4½" (or into twelve, rectangular sections about 5"x 3" for smaller portions for hors d'Ĺ“uvres)

Season the sausage meat with salt, pepper and any herbs or spices you like (if using unseasoned meat) and separate it into even portions for each roll (eight for large, twelve for the small ones). Place each in a pastry strip. Roll up each and brush the edges with plenty of the egg wash to help make the pastry stick together. This latter step can be a little tricky - if you don't seal those edges together securely enough, they'll come "unzipped" in the oven half-way through the baking process! Place them on a greased cookie sheet, seam side down, one inch apart. Brush the tops of each roll with the egg wash to create a nice glaze and cut two diagonal slits in the top of each roll to vent while they bake. Bake at 350° F. for 35 minutes.

This recipe makes 8 large portions or a dozen small ones. Serve warm or cold, with mustard. Enjoy!

Pssst... Don't forget...Tomorrow is Valentine's Day!

May you have a wonderful day and Blessings to all!

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  1. those sausage rolls look great I am gonna give them a whirl..


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