18 March 2011

Let's Not Forget Them!

We remember 9/11...
We will never forget Katrina...
We cannot forget them!

He is only 9 years old and looking for his family...My heart aches for him!

At least they are together!

Man's best friend is still the best comfort!

Together we can make a difference!
Be it through the Red Cross, a Church or preferred Organization, even Swagbucks...Please give!
Think for one moment, it could be you...

THE official number of dead and missing after the devastating earthquake and tsunami that flattened Japan's northeast coast a week ago has topped 16,600, with 6405 confirmed dead...

"They don't know when, or from where, their next meal is coming.
They don't know how long they will be sleeping on the floors of schools and gyms.
They don't know if they are far enough from the damaged Fukushima plant to be safe from harm.
There is no power, daytime temperatures are well below zero and illness is taking hold.
And all this while many of them are also dealing with the loss of loved ones."

Earthquake/Tsunami/Nuclear Disaster Japan 2011

No matter how much we hear or see the news, we cannot imagine for a moment how Japanese must feel at this moment! Let's make sure they know they are NOT ALONE!

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