14 March 2011

Prayers for Japan and the Meaning of Tomodashi

Like the rest of the world, we watch the terrible aftermath of Japan's Earthquake and Tsunami destruction. There are no words to describe what has happened and we pray there are no more aftershocks!

Japan is a country who prides itself in being prepared for such an eventuality, but this is beyond anything that could be imagined. The devastation is beyond grasp!

This morning we received a long awaited email confirming friends and their family are safe despite their home being only at 0.12 miles high.
It is with relief and prayers of gratitude we quickly answered asking them to keep in touch and let us know what can be done if anything.

As news reports roll in, we learn more and more about the need for help from various sources.
One such message came from Soldiers' Angels and Operation Tenshi!

"10,000 Soldiers’ Angels Relief Packs designated for the USS Ronald Reagan, the aircraft carrier heading to Japan as part of the U.S. relief efforts following the recent tragic earthquake, have been shipped already!"

Take a moment to read and help if you can!

Today I learned two more words of Japanese: Tomodashi meaning friendship and Tenshi means Angel.

For one moment, let's remember to reach out and help! No one should feel alone in such circumstances!

Prayers and thoughts going their way...

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