03 March 2011

Dreams, VW and a bit of whimsy!

The above photo is NOT the latest VW concept, the Volkswagen Bulli, no worries!
Despite its fetching individuality this is also not our latest car! (Did everyone else heard a relieved sigh from my family?)
I particularly liked the dragonfly on the driver side...I love dragonflies!

In general I must admit I rarely look at the "latest" of anything much but books (alright, anything about Corgis gets my - and MacIntosh's -attention) but when I spotted the article regarding the newest VW idea I could not resist and took a peek! Not bad but I still like the older model!

I have always had a penchant for VW's! It really goes back to my teenager years, 12 in fact! Yet I was thirty years old when I learned to drive and sad to say, not a VW!

The first time I just knew the VW was "my" car, I was on the Coast and of all things, in a small shoppe with my Mum. The latter had spotted a swimsuit she wanted to try on and the only two available on the rack were too big.
In comes the helpful salesperson, a young lady in her twenties, an Art student working during the summer months as she happens to reveal later on.

A quick phone call from the shoppe's owner led us to find out the coveted swimsuit was available in the next coastal town but we had no car thus it created a dilemma.
The Art student owned a convertible VW and soon we were invited to just climb in, Mum, my brother, myself and the student drove us to the nearby town to fetch the swimsuit!

In the short time it took to drive there I discovered my love for this car and made 2 decisions:
1 - I would own such a car some day and 2 - I would be an Art student!

Well not everything worked out but one out of 2 is not so bad! I am still looking for "my car"...

I never stopped dreaming...

A quick note as always of course: This is not a review or even an endorsement of Volkswagen! This is only my opinion shared with readers!

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