16 June 2011

Beyond The Gates Of Splendor, Review

I find myself very often spotting special features, acknowlegdments or notes following a book or a movie that spurs my curiosity. 
When it comes to Aviation in particular (in all probability because of my being married to an Ex-RAF lad for the last 36 years!), I like to check it out. Thus I saw a few pictures of what I thought to be a movie and turned out to be not only a documentary but a movie as well!

I was lucky enough to find the "Beyond the Gates of Splendor" at our local library and I have not stopped thinking about it! If you have never heard of it, please take a moment to check it out here!
Faith comes in many sizes...I would describe mine as being very little indeed...
This however is to be witnessed!!
I cannot imagine for a single moment having the courage displayed by both these men and women who traveled to a harsh and often cruel place to bring the word of God to one of the most dangerous indigenious tribe of Ecuador!

The amazing feat these five families displayed can only be admired by the rest of us! The dedication of all five men in their mission work is but tenfold by the wives who followed their husbands to the jungle, preparing supplies, learning to handle two ways radios, and dealing with untold challenges all while raising their families away from everything they ever knew and loved...and stayed behind afterward to continue in their husbands dreams to bring the word of God to others!

Perhaps the most amazing feat however was these women's love and forgiveness for their fellow human beings...
I found the documentary spellbinding, particularly the actual footages of all five families as well as the priceless (last) photos taken by the five missionaries. (On a quick note, this movie is rated of course PG-13)

A movie was also made called "End of the Spear" and should be seen as well! 
And you might like also to check out the book "Through Gates of Splendor"! 
I hope to review it here very soon!

Because they believed, they give it all...

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