12 June 2011

Blogging, Making Friends and Learning

Blogging means you share something about yourself, make friends and in the process learn something about others! 
That's the part I like best and of course let's not forget I am a dreamer...
My blog is actually called "Live and Dream a little Dream " but to me it always is Dream a little dream... I would like to believe I do both equally but I will admit the second means so much more...

Sarah Sundin is one of these special Authors who continues to pen warm heartfelt stories certain to entice us to dream! 
Never forgetting we are all of us "under His wings" she writes about people who are facing many challenges yet trust in the Lord to remain by their side.
I enjoy the settings (Air Corps) and particularly the time frame (The Fourties) as I have shared in the past on this blog.
I am also happy to state I have finally saved enough pennies to buy her first two books (versus borrowing from the local library!). 
"Blue Skies Tomorrow" will appear on shelves in August 2011 and yes, I am looking forward to read it too (no worries, pennies saved for my very own copy as well!)

Her many (blog) features includes an inspiring B17 video...The photos above shows we were truly inspired and decided to go and see it all for ourselves!
Additionally one of her blog features is a reminder of Today's in WW2 History
For i.e. today it says:
'70 Years Ago—Jun. 12, 1941: US Naval Reserve called to active duty.'

Europe had been at war since 1939 beginning with the invasion of Poland. In Decembre 1941 the United States of America joined the rest of this worlwide military conflict which sadly lasted another 4 years .

I thought to share this on my blog today of all things because something many have already forgotten happened also on 12th June 1944:

'Lieutenant John F. Kennedy receives the Navy's highest honor for gallantry for his heroic actions as a gunboat pilot during WW2 on this day in 1944. The future president also received a Purple Heart for wounds received during battle'. 

Today many of our Soldiers, are still fighting for Freedom! Some will never come home...
For all of these brave men and women and the many like them who came before, 

A quick reminder: This post reflects only MY opinion and any afore mention of book reviews or such were not requested!

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