06 June 2011

Writing, Posting and Living a Full Life

There are many reasons for blogging and I am discovering more each day!

For some it is a way to share their wonderful skills,  thus allowing us to dream about all the lovely things we could create if only we set our minds to (and if we had a lot more talent!), whilst many use it as a time to write reviews sharing with others what we have discovered. 
For some it is a tool to share their beliefs and help us to navigate on the right path whilst for others it is a chance to vent a few feelings and at times even release a little bit of steam (cheaper than seeking a therapist as long as we do not forget to be kind bloggers!)
Last but not least for some of us, it is a way to simply connect with others, something for which I am always thankful! Island life would not be the same without my laptop!

This is the perfect way to socialize and share ideas, do a bit of "window shopping" and keep our sanity in this troubled and busy world. 
Whatever the reason, blogging is now very much a way of life.

I know some are troubled by the lack of traffic, or the sudden or just continuous drop of viewers and comments. But I also think many of us have found blogging to be an outlet of sort and that's the good thing about it!
Sometime I am startled by the amount of personal things disclosed particularly about location and family but I will also admit I like reading what is happening to one or another's little world! It somehow expends mine and reminds me often that God is good, God is great and I am nothing short of blessed!

It is with fondness I remember the proud lady whom, despite a 3rd grader education, pursuit every means at her disposition to discover her world! She read everything she could grab, she wrote extensive diaries, learned languages and traveled the world, never losing a moment to live a full life! 

Blogging for me is a way to remember all she taught me!
And thus for her, I will write and remember to do so with passion whilst painting a picture, unique and unpredictable. I will write (as much as life permits) first thing in the morning when I am more focused. I will do it often and with caring thoughts!

Like William Wordsworth, I will fill my writings with the breathing of my heart!
Like Anton Chekhov, I will (try) not tell you the moon is shining but instead show you the glint of light on broken glass...

Note: The above picture shows a 3rd grade notebook and a traveler's diary (one of many) written by my Grand Mother, Proud Maleine and one of my many treasures! 

Counting my blessings,

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