24 August 2011

Coastal Living and A Stroll Around The Globe

Coastal living is wonderful when you love the ocean (as much as I do!), live on an island serviced only by a private ferry (and do not mind waiting your turn in line to go to the mainland as you can see!).

There is something infinitely relaxing to island living, particularly during the off season! During the summer months we see a lot of traffic on this tiny island (1 1/2 mile long by 1/2 mile wide) so much so that we fear the island might just sink! Since no one is allowed to cross on the ferry without a guest pass signed by an islander there is the question of how many friends of a friend comes over to visit...

With Autumn not far (The Priest's Housekeeper tells us there is already a nip in the air in Wales), we know from experience the island is soon to return to its normal calm! Big sigh...

Most readers will remember we have no amenities such as deliveries including postal, stores and so on, but what we miss the most is a church! Regretfully despite the occasional offer of visiting preachers, nothing has come to be!

We like therefore to take a stroll around the Globe in the wee hours of the morning and visit other blogs for a moment of peace such as Domestic Serenity before the beginning of a busy day, a touch of reflection with A Trail Of Flowers, an amazing amount of History facts with Once I Was A Clever Boy,  and life in the Outback with Cattle, Kids & Chaos to name just a few!

Since our ferry schedule allows only so many runs a day, everything must be planned ahead of time. You are definitively out of luck if you forget something!
As  to emergencies, we depend on the mainland fire department volunteers and Life Flight.
Life on an island...Soooo relaxing as you can see!

Just in case you were wondering how do I ever find time to read all these books!

Take a moment to relax today, smile at someone and let others benefit from a kind gesture! You will feel so much better!

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  1. I love the ocean!!! I am a Florida gal and used to be only 30 minutes from the ocean. My husband grew up in a coastal city and was only 5 minutes away for his first 22 years. We are now in a landlocked state and finding that very difficult.

    I used to think I would enjoy living on a lighthouse; however, I've come to realize that I am pretty much a city slicker, so I think the isolation would bother me.

    By the way, I recently read a very interesting book, called The Violets of March. It was set on an island...Bainbridge Island in Washington State. You might enjoy the snippets of island living that abound in the book.



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