19 August 2011

Make A Wish Foundation and a very special little girl named Catherine

I humbly admit I learn something daily from my children and today was no exception! 

From the time our daughter was 8 years old she decided to be a vegetarian refusing meat as she could not abide animal slaughtering, read every tin label for additives, compiled a list of companies allowing testing on animals (products to never be purchased again by our family), used only absolutely necesary paper items (killing trees was a no-no), and rescued every stray crossing her path...

She soon had her name on every petition for saving all sorts of animals, worthy causes to help the needy and the environment.
I credit her Welsh roots (obstination comes to mind) for her determination! She was going to make a difference and that was that!

Now in  her thirties, I have lost track of the numbers of rescues (dog, cat, rabbit, rat...), the causes she espouses and the many times she calls our attention to yet another association needing sponsorship and volunteers!

Have I mentioned how proud we are?

But this is not about her, it is about another little girl named Catherine (and according to my daughter a wonderful foundation!)

Catherine was diagnosed when she was 15 months old with Juvenile Diabetes and after a week in hospital, Mum and Dad took her home armed with syringes, insulin and test equipment.
Typical signs of low blood sugar such fatigue, thirst and mood changes are normal behaviour in toddlers and she could not communicate when she was low. Imagine testing every two hours even at nights ...Catherine soon learn to toddle over to her Dad with her finger stuck out when she would see him pick up the blood meter!

It is estimated this little girl has had 6,500 shots and 16,000 blood tests as well as several very anxious trips to the emergency room! Diabetes is a life threatening disease!

Catherine is only 6 years old and she has three wishes...

Now for those of you who are interested in learning more about the Make a Wish Foundation, please read (here) and for Catherine's three wishes, read (here)!

I will end this post by reminding readers that Diabetes is a life threatening disease and wishes can come true...

Blessings to all,

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