18 August 2011

World Youth Day 2011 in Madrid Spain

Planted in built up in Jesus Christ, firm in the faith (St Paul)

More than 1 million youth arrived in Madrid for this 2011 Worth Youth Day, travelling from their places of origin by land, sea or air.

One young group of Catalanes traveled 600 kilometers on foot from 'St Teresita Del Nino Jesus' in the suburb of 'Gracia', Barcelona! 131 girls and boys betwixt the ages of 16 to 25 accompanied by 2 Priests left Barcelona on 22 of July to join the celebration in Madrid!
Their route was not the shortest but one that took them through small towns and villages to give testimony of their unity with His Holiness the Pope.

Another group, this time from France arrived by sea, hailing from the diocese of Cambrai. Their sailing boat named 'Star of the Sea' began its journey on 5th August and they chronicled their journey on a blog (here)

His Holiness message to the youth on World Youth Day 2011: 
'I have come here to meet thousands of young people from around the world!'

Upon his arrival in Madrid the Holy Father addressed the crowd:
'I repeat to you again, nothing and no one can take away the peace that comes from our Lord'.

World Youth Day 2011 runs from 16 August through 21 August 2011. For more on the event, including schedule (here).

"Whatever you give, the Lord will return to you a hundredfold" 
4,750 Madrid homes have welcome 14,725 young people for the next few days. Faith is truly a wondrous thing!
"We are not alone, we are one big family. May WYD unite us all as one! ".
It is our hope that the experience of WYD will strengthen the faith of all and encourage them to follow Christ!

Benjamin Disraeli said: 'We live in an age when to be young and to be indifferent can be no longer synonymous. We must prepare for the coming hour. The claims of the Future are represented by suffering millions; and the Youth of a Nation are the trustees of Posterity'.  

These young people are our future!

Blessings to all,

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