06 October 2011

Alaska - BC Canada Tour, Part two

Vancouver, BC is the only disembarkment for the last cruise of the season so whilst we had not planned to visit this metropolis, we discovered AFTER we booked our tour that we had no choice.
Vancouver welcomed us however with a warm balming sun and we decided to make the most of this opportunity!

The best way to see Vancouver, BC: buy a ticket to the lovely trolley which will take you around in two colourful loops (one red and one blue) and you can hop in and hop out betwixt such places as the Stanley Park, the Art museum, the Aquatic centre or Chinatown!

Sculptures abound in the city and this one was eye catching!

And this little mermaid, reminiscent of her European counterpart caught my eye as well!

Finally, let me add that if stopping in Vancouver, BC and looking to enjoy some fine cuisine, I recommend a stop at The Italian Kitchen! Mama mia! Bellisima!

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