08 October 2011

Autumn Weather, Preserving and reflecting...

Autumn is here, rainy weather is 'de rigueur' of course in these parts and I only wish I could say the above canning jars were mine!
Somehow we were able to salvage a few veggies after 'feeding' those cheeky deer, pesky raccoons, even chinchillas (!) and of course fending off the never ending slugs due to the constant pacific rains! These went straight to the table and we enjoyed every morsels!
I do not think we saved much considering the cost of heirloom seeds but we all agreed we love the taste of 'homegrown'!

And since daily news reminds us the Economy everywhere is at one of its lowest, perhaps we should do well to get back to basics! It is nothing short of frightening when you shop and face yet another increase in the cost of food! Packaging however seems to decrease...Fancy that!

And Charity shoppes also reflects a blatant inflation so that one would scarcely step into one! 
Sad, I use to enjoy a trinket or two...

 (Painting by A. Albright)

The following is a wonderful recipe for 'Preserving Children' written by an Amish Mum. 
Absolutely lovely!

  • Take one large grassy field, one half dozen children, all sizes, one dog, one long narrow strip of   brook.  
  • Mix children with the other ingredients and empty them into the field, stirring continually.  
  • Sprinkle with field flowers.   
  • Pour brook gently over pebbles. 
  • Cover all with a deep, blue sky and bake in a hot sun.  
  • When children are well browned, they may be removed.  
  • Will be found ready to cool in the bathtub with lots of soap and warm water. 

Happy preserving!

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  1. Hi Noelle, I love that 'recipe'it is so cool!
    It is much the same here in the UK. Economic crisis, the price of food,fuel and utilities constantly on the rise!Lord only knows where it is all going to end.
    Those canning jars look lovely they take me back!
    Blessings and prayers,


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