04 October 2011

Alaska Tour, Part One!

I never thought to join a cruise ship but it seems you should at least try something once in your life so here a quick peek at our home away from home!
Our scheduled stops: Ketchikan, Juneau, Skagway and Prince Rupert, BC.

Remember those 7 to 12 ft swells I mentioned a few days ago? No photos of that part of the cruise...can you guess why?

Not exactly Iceland or Norway's fjords but the floating ice surrounded us very quickly and this was only Septembre!

Alaska is apparently a favourite with bargain shoppers for jewelry, furs, nick knacks of all sorts so we steered away from the tourist areas and instead looked for Alaska's true art. 
This First Nation lady sits on the waterfront in Ketchikan.

Skagway was by far our favourite stop. This amazing facade is made of twigs!

The White Pass and the Klondike have a wonderful history. Books, maps and postcards (just in case any or all photos failed) filled my backpack!
There are incredible stories about the Gold Rush (here) for those of you who like me, can never have enough of story telling!
This train snow removal's device is the first of its kind for me!

There is such a yearning in this sculpture commemorating the thousands who climbed the golden steps!

Our Steward enjoyed my delight at his latest creation just as much as I loved to go back to our stateroom to discover yet a new 'friend' on our bed!

The monkey and the pig were my favourites! I also found a rabbit, a penguin and a seal awaiting me like old friends!

And for dessert...What can I say, I love chocolate!

And just in case you are interested, I will post tomorrow part two of our trip, this time to BC, Canada!

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  1. Stunning photo's Noelle, awesome trip. I love that train, never seen one like it.Thank you for sharing your experience, its so interesting.
    Blessings and prayers,


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