20 October 2011

Children Of The World...

Each morning the broadcasts brings us such sad news...Perhaps politicians around the world should let Children guide them...

(Note: The following was written by a poet named Hannah)

Some children are brown like newly baked bread
Some are yellow, and some are red,
Some children are black, there are White ones too--
The colors are different--the children like you!

Some children eat noodles, and some eat figs,
Some children like ice cream, and some roast pigs;
Some eat raw fishes, and some fish stew--
Their likings are different--the children like you.

Some children say yes and some say "Si",
Some say "wow!" and some say "naku!"
Their words may be different--the children like you.

Some live in huts of grass and bamboos,

Some live in boats, and some in igloos;
Some live in old houses and some live in new--
Their homes may be different--the children like you.

Some children are Finnish and some from Japan,
Some from Brazil and some from Sudan,
Some know bad weather or skies always blue--
The countries are different--the children like you.

Oh, if they could dance and if they could play
Altogether together a wonderful day!
Some could come sailing and some could just hike!
So much would be different--the children alike! 

 In the end, Children of the World are truly Tomorrow's Hope!

Blessings to all,

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