21 November 2011

The 21-Day Dad's Challenge, Book review

Book description:

This fall, men all over the U.S. will emerge from movie theaters wanting to be better fathers—having just watched Courageous, the new film from the producers of Fireproof. This book will help them reach that goal. Using well-known names from the worlds of sports, Christianity, and parenting, The 21-Day Dad’s Challenge will inspire and equip men to succeed in practicing “Championship Fatherhood.” Though not an official tie-in to the movie, this joint project by Focus on the Family and the National Center for Fathering will aid dads in applying the film’s message. The “challenge” format will appeal to men’s competitive instincts. And the simple, straightforward approach, combined with the limited time frame required, will convince them that they really can become measurably better dads in just three weeks.

My review:

This particular title immediately caught my attention as I know how much ex-RAF fly boy (hubby) likes Focus on the Family and because being a Dad means everything to him! You see, he came to be a Dad later in life. Challenges sometime arose but were conquered with lots of faith and he continually strives to be an even better Dad!
'The 21-Day Dad's Challenge' is an excellent book for a new Dad or one having trouble relating to his children or just wanting to be a better one!
Carey Casey is the CEO of the National Center For Fathering and he gives you a simple and practical way to become a better Dad in 3 weeks including great advice on spending time with kids in a fun and loving way!
Dads come home after a long day's work, tired and worn out and the last thing they feel like doing is spending time playing with the kids. Providing for the family means directing all their energy to their work, often putting in many extra hours! 

Yet there is an easier way to become a better Dad and it involves changing our way of thinking, listening to our children and learning what their interests and goals are.
Drawing on the experience of friends, business associates and Dads of all ages, Carey Casey explains what worked for them. It might surprise you how simple it is! 
Giving a word of encouragement, sharing a hobby or telling a story: it will be fun even rewarding and it will definitively improve Dad's relationship with the children.

The 21-Day Dad's Challenge is certain to bring a little wisdom to tired Dads everywhere so go ahead take the challenge and recommend it to your friends!
I give it 4 stars!

Meet Carey Casey:

Carey Casey is Chief Executive Officer of the Kansas City-based National Center for Fathering and author of the book, Championship Fathering – How to Win at Being a Dad. Through his work across the country, Casey has earned a reputation as a dynamic communicator, especially on the topic of men being good fathers. He’s known as a compassionate ambassador, particularly within the American sports community.
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I received this book free from TYNDALE Publishers as part of their Blogger Review program. I was not asked to write a positive review and the opinions expressed are entirely my own.
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