01 November 2011

A Great Family Movie 'What If', review

Movie description:

Fifteen years have passed since Ben Walker (Kevin Sorbo) shared a tearful goodbye with girlfriend Wendy (Kristy Swanson) at the bus stop in their small town. Instead of going to seminary as he'd originally intended, Ben headed into the business world, and now he's a successful investment banker who's completed his biggest deal yet. But on the eve of a celebratory trip to Paris with his new fiancee Cynthia (Kristin Minter), his brand-new Mercedes breaks down and Mike (John Ratzenberger), a mechanic calling himself an angel, gives him a sucker punch that sends him into a sort of "parallel universe" where he never left Wendy behind.
Ben resists his new life, delivering the world's lamest sermon on his first Sunday as the new pastor in his old hometown. He alienates his older daughter Kimberly (Debby Ryan) by forgetting her name, and sends Wendy into paranoiac tailspins thinking that he's going to divorce her. He wants desperately to be Banker Ben again, but Mike explains that God isn't going to let that happen until Ben surrenders completely to the life he was supposed to have.

My review:

Since we do not have broadcast telly here, we like to indulge in a good movie in the evening, especially now that it gets so dark so early! And choosing a movie is easy as ex-RAF fly boy and I share a liking for the old movies or 'Family' movies (I let him enjoy Scifi's all by himself). We tend to shy away from anything with expletives or violence as we prefer to be 'entertained' not offended or scared out of our wits!
Included on our list for i.e., 'The Blind Side', a warm hearted story, perfect for family viewing and best of all, based on a true story! So far, I have seen it twice and I love it!

Years ago our then teenager son begged to see a series called 'Hercules: The Incredible Journeys' and the name Kevin Sorbo was first spoken in our household. 
As a Christian this well known actor is nothing like his fellows Hollywood actors. A good model for today's youths, he will not disappoint concerned parents! His acting career proves he remains a great entertainer!

Whilst visiting our daughter a few days ago and enjoying her large flat screen telly (!) I discovered one of Kevin Sorbo's latest movies called 'What If'' (see also description above) and I could not wait to show it to my husband (huh...on our 27" old telly - no worries, it's at least a colour one!). The best part? Mum (yes me!) got to introduce her son to one of Kevin Sorbo's latest movies as we all sat down to watch it!

This is a wonderful story of a successful man who is given a second chance when he finds the courage to face the decisions he made and the ones he could have made and finally follow God's path. 
I was struck by the emotional performance of the actors, their faith alive and strong for all of us to witness. 
It is a story which reaches out and grabs you! This is a movie about discovering what truly matters even if you are not a Christian!
Unlike the Hollywood epic movies, it is not ascetic. 'Ben Walker' is a man who identifies what he could have had when he realizes the treasure of having a family who loves you no matter what!

In a recent interview Kevin Sorbo said: 'A lot of the faith-based movies in the past have always been shot sort of cheesy, kinda soap opera in a way. This movie isn’t like that at all. I don’t look at it as a Christian movie per se. It’s a movie about redemption. … We all have what ifs in our life. … This movie is sort of a guiding light to show people that no matter where you are, no matter how upset or disappointed or frustrated you are in your life, if you want to change, you can change your life'.

In 'What If' you will enjoy a great performance, a story of redemption and even have a few chuckles for 'Ben Walker' as a preacher is unlike any I ever met, never mind the Angel who looks like a mechanic! 

I give it 5 stars!

Note: An other movie (also starring Kevin Sorbo) added to our list: 'Soul Surfer'!

As always Readers, remember that unless stated otherwise, this post reflects my opinion only! I was not asked to review this movie!

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