20 November 2011

A Story Certain To Touch Anyone...

Only a few days ago I mentioned how much I love to browse through blogs and learn!
The following post is certain to touch anyone's heart, woman or man!

Just like any other readers, bloggers comment on each other's blog, sending thoughts, hugs, love and even prayers.

This is one of those times...

I first noticed  'Posie gets Cozy' blog not due to her wonderful touch with crafts, in particular knitting, but because of her lovely four paws friend featured you will see on the left side of her blog page... MacIntosh the Corgi and I just fell in love!

As a fellow blogger or just a reader, take a moment to read her latest post and send love and prayers her way! She is going to need all the love we can give her!



1 comment:

  1. Truly a heart rendering story. It makes you question why life can be so hard for good people.
    My heart and prayers just go out to them, thank you posting this Noelle,
    Love and hugs,


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