11 February 2012

Letters To The Troops...

For more than 25 years I have written letters and posted parcels all over the world to the Troops either in the US or abroad. 
Some were to family members of course but many were to soldiers unknown. At times I have even received a little note in the mail telling me how nice it was to hear from me, a stranger.
I have lost count of the many servicemen/women I have 'adopted'. For as long as I am able to reach them, I become a friend and I write.

Family and friends know it is a subject I hold dear as it is such a little thing to tell someone you care and it takes only a moment and one stamp to make a difference. No one should be without a letter or two when mail call comes!

I have been asked what could I possibly write after all this time and to so many and why do I do it? Well, my life is not exactly very exciting. I write of the island, the mountain chain we see from the beach, the corgi's antics, the deer roaming and I send photos when possible of the sunset or the shells I pick up on the beach.
I write from home, I tell them I thought of them, I care what happens and I remind them of the little things that tells them they are not forgotten. My parcels are not necessarily expensive, I bake, I include treats, magazines, toiletries, games, newspapers clippings and so on. 

For many, their families are keeping in touch regularly. Some however see a steady decline in mail after awhile. Some never receives anything. If you have a card and a stamp, think of all of them just waiting. It takes only a moment...

Soldiering is not easy in times of peace. Soldiering in times of war is the hardest thing of all, it is dangerous and often unrewarding. Today is all that matters for you do not know what will happen tomorrow!

Freedom comes at a cost. Let's be sure the men and women who serve today know they are not forgotten!

For John, Richard, Gunny, Tania, James, Aaron and the others,



  1. Dear Noelle,

    What a special lady you are!!!

    Have a lovely weekend,

    Lieve groet, Madelief x

  2. What a gift! I'm sure you have made a difference to many with your gesture of kindness. ~ Abby


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