15 February 2012

A Touch Of Sun...

Do you see it? Yes, it is a little ray of sunshine reflecting on the wall...I shall endeavour to remember it is still Winter after all and not get too excited! 

With all the rain and the rather dreary weather on the island I enjoy daily 'strolls' with favourite bloggers whilst discovering new friends in Blog Land and see how they too are faring during the cold season. 
Today's itinerary included:
Slow lane Life (I love to follow her four legged family antics) describes for readers a visit at the local Women's Institute whilst Mystica shares yet another very good book review. 
Mrs. Miniver's Daughter of course helps nurturing my cravings for a bit of culture, Mademoiselle Poirot, Posie Gets Cozy and Madelief satisfies my love for beautifying my surroundings... Then there is also a much needed top at Nostalgia at the Stone House in Bath because I do not often get a chance to peek at such a lovely shoppe and lastly Alice in Paris loves Art and Tea showed readers an amazing photo of her (stunning) Scottish Granny and a lovely walk along the rugged Nova Scotia shore.

Today is a day for catching up with letters to write, parcels to post next time we are off island and perhaps a movie tonight. 
No baking today (a rarity in this house) albeit the Hot Cross Buns are already gone! No picture taken of that batch but we still have the Cherry-Coconut bundt cake (and a photo!).

Me thinks tea time is in order...and a lot of reading...Clouds are forming and it is still rather chilly...
What better excuse than to enjoy a cuppa and pick up a good book?


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  1. Hello Noelle...thanks so much for stopping by and visiting me and the BEAR. I'm glad Patti put in a good word! I've read some of your posts and decided to comment on this one...I love the image of the sun spot and your cups hanging ready for tea. I'm a coffee drinker in the morning, but for the rest of the day, it's a cuppa tea for sure. Now, if I'd had a piece of that beautiful cake to go along with it...I'd be happy, happy, happy :D
    Stop by and visit again soon!
    BEAR HUGS xxxx ~victoria~


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