21 February 2012

Rebirth by Dave Longeuay, Book review

Book description:

How did a remnant of scattered Jews rise to build a mighty superpower in the Middle East? Fleeing his father’s anti-Semitic organization, Charles Devonshire journeys into the most volatile landgrab in history—Post WWII Palestine. Charles pursues a beautiful but mysterious librarian, Gladia, who introduces him to the elaborate Jewish underground. While joining their plight to reestablish a homeland, he falls in love with her and faces painful challenges in developing a relationship within their culture gap. And in the midst of battling the hostile inhabitants who also laid claim to Palestine, he searches for clues of his own troubled past. Can Charles pursue love, uncover his family secrets and avoid being trapped in the middle of the world’s longest feud? Rebirth draws you into 1948, into a world of intrigue, espionage and anti-Semitism. Witness how ancient prophecies were fulfilled against impossible odds as Israel built a nation and defied skeptics. Journey through the precarious events that led to Israel’s miraculous rebirth on May 14, 1948. Experience the unrelenting pursuits of the most persecuted race, and how their renewed strength reestablished their original language, customs and land cultivations after 2,000 years of desolation—an accomplishment no other nation can claim. 

My thoughts:

This is one book I expected perhaps too much of. To tell the truth I had in mind the likes of Exodus or the well researched series written by the Thoene's. At any rate I will admit to have struggled with some of its contents from the very first page despite the fact it is based on actual events.

The birth of Israel came about painfully, each struggle won at a very high cost and should be told! 
Historically Jews have been viewed as a threat to many nations. Six millions souls perished during the second WW alone! Some of the remaining survivors joined Palestine born Jews to make this strategic little strip of land their Promised Land as foretold. 

'Rebirth' is more about the romance of two young people amidst the turmoil of Israel. I failed to understand why the main character is hailed as a hero for example...And I cannot for one agree with some of Dave Longeuay's comments regarding 'sympathetic' Arabs. There are exception of course everywhere.

However the author does not extend this sentiment to the occupying forces yet many Britons were also compassionate and caring. The blockade in Palestine was arguably thorough but again, in the end the Jews won and Israel was born. 

Despite a most compelling subject, the storyteller failed to develop a balance betwixt his protagonists and the historical background thus reducing in the end its impact.

Finally this novel just do not seem to grab the reader and leaves us perplex to his intention. Is this fiction to be entertaining or just an historical rundown?

If you love History however, you will forgive the somewhat amateurish approach of the author and just dig in. 
Consider it an homage to the very real heroes of this amazing country!


3 Stars!

I received this book free from  LIGHTNING BOOK PROMOTIONS as part of their Blogger Review program. I was not asked to write a positive review and the opinions expressed are entirely my own.
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  1. Thanks for giving a fair and honest review, I am sorry you didn't enjoy it more.


  2. Thank you for reviewing my new novel "Rebirth". I appreciate your time want to honor your honesty!

    One correction though, I did have several Britons in Rebirth, who helped the Jews. Dov Grunner was British and of course so was Winston Churchill—both were strong advocates for the Jews having Palestine as their homeland.

    And to prove that many Arabs were also very pro Israel; Israel's Arab-Israeli population today is over 1.5 million—about 20% of Israel's total population. Most people don't know that since it's not considered newsworthy to the average press agency.

  3. Bela or Dov Gruner was born in Hungary, arrived illegaly in Israel and as far as I know, was never a British citizen.
    However I very much agree we should acknowledge the Arab-Israelis more often!

  4. Yes, Dov was born in Hungary, but served in the British army to fight against Hitler and was considered a "loyal" British officer, until the British government published their notorious white paper in 1939, which reneged on their previous Balfour declaration to grant the Jews a homeland in Palestine. He was out outraged at their new loyalty to the Arab states since that was England's primary source of oil.

  5. Bela Gruner is remembered as a member of Irgun, the terrorist gang responsible for countless deaths on both sides and hanged by British authorities for these infamous acts.
    I find no reference to a British passport (and since he entered Palestine illegaly, it seems a doubtful possibility)but if you ever discover one, I would not mind seeing it!
    All the best!


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