26 February 2012

Marjolein Bastin and a little cross...

It is in love
not being in love, the heart is blest.

It is in giving
not in seeking gifts,
we find our quest.

I have always liked Marjolein Bastin artwork! Loved ones know how much I enjoy discovering yet another piece she created!

Greetings cards, pictures frames, china somehow finds its way in my home to be tucked here and there. I am sometime even blessed with a Charity shoppe find!
Her lovely artwork speaks of meadows, field flowers, colourful birds and Spring and it is sure to bring a smile on my face! 
When per chance I spot her artwork, I like to indulge. I found this lovely cross in a tea room gift shoppe!

And wouldn't you know? Her website has a online gift  shoppe...Oh dear...

Note: This post reflects only my opinion and was in no way requested!

Blessings to you and yours this Sunday, 

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