30 March 2012

Books, Old And New Just Waiting To Be Read...

If books have an irresistible appeal for you, you are probably reaching out for one every chance you get!
I understand this feeling very well...Nothing calls to me so much as a good story (unless it is chocolate, and dark chocolate at that!).

Any outing (off island) includes a requisite stop at the local library where I am blessed to receive the loan of countless tomes! I am also happy to say many of the novels I read have been gifted by Authors and Publishers in exchange for my honest opinion. 

And then there are those books I just cannot wait to be loaned or gifted with...Ssst, the ones I must own NOW...(providing I have not run over my allowance or have no more space on the shelves).

Failing that I feel lost! MUST HAVE BOOKS!
Oh dear, does it sound like an obsession? You would be absolutely right!

There are countless ways you can obtain a good paperback/hardback if your local library does not carry the title you are looking for. 
Consider the following if you are not yet familiar with these sites:




and of course for Ebooks readers remember to check the classics at gutenberg.org (36,000 titles to download free)

Happy reading!

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