22 March 2012

Furry Paws, Cold Nose: Man's (Woman's) Best Friends...

Man's (Woman's) best friend is the inspiration for today's post! There is nothing like soulful eyes, a big sloppy grin and a happy bark to make you feel welcomed home!

(Focus on those cute little bloomers!)

Today's tours includes some of our favourite canine friends...

Take a moment to see Dancing Beastie dogs ( Scotland) enjoying a nice walk/nap (here),

Then visit Clover (U.S.A.) of Posie Gets Cozy (here), 

Meet Flossie (and Tosca) (Somerset) of Slow Lane Life (here) of course! (Flossie is beautiful!)

And finally witness There and Back again handsome Bear (California) and his search for a new home with his human family (here)! (Sending prayers and thoughts their way as Bear is going undercover!)

Each will win your heart of course, faithful friends as they are! 
Who could resist those looks?!

 (Aren't I handsome?)

Meet here tomorrow to see our feline friends! 


  1. You are handsome indeed! Flossie returns the compliment.

  2. Oh look at that sweet face and cute ears!! How adorable....i was giggling about Bear going undercover. I am going to go take a peek at the friends you have mentioned. Your faithful friend is a cutie -love Heather


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