23 March 2012

Felis Domestica Or Felis Catus...

When I mentioned canine friends yesterday I felt certain some would feel I overlooked their best friend(s) Felis Catus better known as the CAT!
Not so! Along the years our daughter adopted every wandering feline (some which cost us a notable sum in Veterinarian fees!) as well as other assorted homeless 'pets'.

Our house soon evoked a remarkable resemblance to Noah's Ark. That and the constant rains where we lived must be why ex-RAF hubby often mumbled about finding those 'blasted' blue prints...(Must be that British humour!)

We have however only recently adopted our very own Felis Domestica. Like most of our pets she is a 'rescue', (this time from a nearby shelter!), and she came with her name: Maira.

Maira gets along well with our Corgi which is a blessing of course! 
Their playful antics often includes a tag game which Maira wins by a long shot: MacIntosh has not learned yet that he looses if she 'tags' him and thus keeps running around until eventually the cat's long nails strikes at a tender spot...After which all is forgiven and they rest side by side...

As for favourite feline friends around the globe they include Slow lane life's Scooter, Hamish, Millie, Lottie and Catkin amongst others!

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  1. Hi Noelle! I'm Kathy from The Writer's Reverie - I manage my husband's blog at The Sheep's Pen. So glad to know his little ruminations are a blessing to you. I had to add you to my own blog list as I see we have much in common - not the least of which is cats and books! And, the love of our Lord Jesus.

    Do stop by my place to share in my dreams, too. Trying to live in the place of reverie . . .

    BTW - LOVE your book background. I collect antique books like this and love to decorate with them! Do I take it you are from the UK? Love that, too - totally want the thatched roof cottage thingy in the middle of the countryside with a quaint village sporting a tea room in comfortable walking distance.

    Dreaming . . .


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