09 March 2012

Donkey Anyone?

Do you sometime experience a sudden flash back? I am not sure what inspires other bloggers but for me it is often a photo and such was the case this morning!!
Visiting Bow Street Flowers and admiring the beautiful flowers arrangements (and Violette, Petals and Georgette (?) the lovely bunnies blessed to live in such a flower shoppe!) I read about a blog called Morning Bray Farm!
Take a moment to visit and look at those unforgettable faces! My two favourite are Bernard and Patrick!
I too, would like a donkey...

MacIntosh might have a thing or two to say about that of course!

But I transgress...
Donkeys have a way to endear themselves to humans (just like a dog we shall not name!) I remember as a little girl visiting petting zoos such as the Meli's and being drawn to their droll face! Something in the eyes, a mirror of their soul...

There is a prayer I remember as well from my childhood, 'la priere du petit Ane' (by Marian Seldes)

Mon Dieu qui m'avez cree
Pour que je marche sur la route
Et que je porte de lourd fardaux
Donnez moi beaucoup de courage
et de douceur,
Faites qu'un jour one me comprenne
et que je n'ai plus envie de pleurer
parce que je m'explique mal
et qu'on se moque de moi.
Faites que je trouve un bon chardon
et qu'on me laisse le temps de le cueillir
Faites que je rejoigne un jour
mon petit frere de la Creche.
Ainsi soit-il.

It goes something like this...

My God who create me 
So that I walk on the road
Carrying heavy burdens
Give me a lot of courage 
and gentleness, 
Make it so that one day I will be understood
and I no longer feel like crying 
because I explain myself poorly 
and others make fun of me.
Let me find a good thistle 
and give me time to enjoy it.
Let me one day rejoin 
my little Brother of the Creche.

Oh dear, it loose something in the translation but you get it!
Of course Nanny McPfee features our favourite donkey! Absolutely priceless! (It is a contest to which of us in the house laughs the hardest!)

So Donkey anyone?

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