15 April 2012

500 Posts?!

I will admit I never thought how many posts I have written so far, many of them book reviews! 500 posts? Really?
To be sure it is always a pleasure to share personal thoughts on various recently (and not so recently) published tomes with other bloggers but the best part I believe of blogging is 'meeting' others around the globe!

Thank goodness my family treated me to this little gadget (yes, mine is a mini!)
I am looking forward to the next 500 posts so keep tuned! Tomorrow is altogether another day and who knows what might develop...

I would certainly miss blogging!

The only thing I am absolutely sure of is that the alternative is definitively not my favourite pastime!

Have a nice Sunday!

1 comment:

  1. Wow, 500 posts, that's quite an accomplishment. Congratulations. And... you have a new computer, what fun. ~ Abby


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