20 April 2012

Trendy Or Shabby Design?

I seem to recall hearing that statement in Art school! I am not sure I believe it now anymore than I did than!

Reading blog posts tend to make one think and I admit freely I love to find out what others sees, discovers, reads (!), crafts etc...And since curiosity has led me to visit blogs worldwide... Goodness, I have discovered all sorts of things I might have missed otherwise! 

By the by, I am still struggling with this updated version of 'Blogger' but come what may, I am learning to navigate throughout (painfully at times).

That said, I decided to visit only one or two blogs a day and rotates betwixt everyone I love to follow. This way, I keep abreast of all the goodies posted without spending the best part of the day on the Net. 
No Facebook or other media venues for me as these consume too much time!
I would hate to be like the East coast gal who resort to hiding  her laptop under a pile of clothing buried under the bed so as not to be tempted...Last I heard, it worked for 3 weeks...

So Trendy or Shabby Design? The post Mademoiselle Poirot wrote for her readers today reflected my thoughts (see here). 
Media, periodicals and ads of all sorts tend to influence the public by their displays of what is 'trendy' designs. Maxi, mini, classic, vintage, retro, colonial, shabby (chic?) and so on...

Each year we are led to believe this or that designer choice is the newest trend: style, colours, a certain period etc...These influences are clearly marketing ideas to help relieve some of that hard earned income from your pockets.

It is always nice to see what is 'new' but I cannot fathom renovating my entire house because Martha Stewart aims this month for the new retro look (even if I will admit to liking her colours choices...what can I say? Aqua, turquoise or Azure and occasionally periwinkle happens to be my favourite shades).

And like Mademoiselle Poirot I am often frustrated at the Shabby Chic 'style' (I thought it was one or the other) and its price tags are simply ludicrous! Never mind the fact I hardly think this is my style...

I like to blend the old and the new and prefer the pieces which speaks of memories be it furniture, linen or nick knacks!
But the piece of furniture featured above looks to be only good for the chicken coop! Yet its price tag is probably staggering and I would wager there were many calls for it! 

I love to move furniture and displays around and inclined towards one colour or another depending on the season. Why leave everything in the same boring way when you can switch things around and give it a new look with just a cover or a few flowers? 

But I will admit I would stop at the look below! I am sure ex-RAF hubby would have a few things to say at this arrangement (or the price tag to be sure!)

I admit I am a dreamer, I hate to feel bored and strive to learn something  new or different all the time. 
And on the subject of trends, present or passe, I just like to follow a thumb rule: comfortable, affordable and whatever I fancy on that day!

La vie en roses...Just a few here and there...

I like to follow Mademoiselle Poirot and see her photos and perky comments.The little nook and crannies she uncovers during her regular jaunts through shoppes, galleries and expos are then enjoyed from the coziness of my favourite armchair!

Dare I say I just like her style?
Au revoir,


  1. Thanks for sharing, Noelle, some interesting and good further thoughts to Carole's post :)

  2. Sometimes shabby chic is just too self-consciously shabby, indeed artificially so, and you are absolutely right to regard the trends as a passing diversion and do your own thing. I'd not have that chicken-coop armoire either. And thank you, Noelle, for your kind comments; it's a pleasure to hear from you.


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