25 April 2012

Mystery Quilt?

I have always admire quilts and treasure them for their appearance as much as for their warmth. 
I am not a quilter and much prefer leaving this creative skill to others. 

The colours and the names of the various patterns however have caught my fancy for years! It is apparent these names have at times a biblical influence or shows a reflection of pioneer times: 
Whig's Rose, Ship Wheel, Jacob's Ladder, Ohio Star, North Star, Dusty Miller, Flying Geese, Log Cabin, Star of Betlhehem...

I also heard of quilt blocks featuring a map used by slaves to escape north...and just had to check it out as you may if you go to this site (here).

I  even once had in my hands a treasure box filled with quilting patterns, most of the 19th Century...I understand it burned in the upstairs library it was located in...How very sad!

It is amazing what quilters can produce with just a few scraps of material, often assembled as a group. It is a time to visit with others, enjoy each other' company much like pioneers did. 

A friendship quilt was in fact the first to attract my attention when our then 12 year old daughter was invited to add a few stitches in a colonial village. She now owns two quilts made out of scraps from the dresses of a neighbour's family in the late twenties, a time of much hardship for many due to the Depression. It is her treasure, one she hopes to display in their new home one day.

Only last week I spotted a different type of quilt, this one a Memory or Photo quilt. See below!

Blessings from our Nest spoke today however of a Mystery Quilt... 
A wonderful project and all for a good cause! 
Anyone who quilts might like to check this out and perhaps participate?! 

Finally if like me, you have always wanted to know what quilting involves check out this website (here).

 I think the above (hanging) quilt was made for me!

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  1. Hi Noelle~ I love quilts too - especially the history and love that goes into them. I made one for each of my kids as they graduated high school so they could know that there "mama" was still keeping them warm. They certainly aren't fancy, but they are full of love.


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