14 April 2012

The Discovery: A Novel by Dan Walsh, Book review


Gerard Warner was not only a literary giant whose suspense novels sold in the millions, he was also a man devoted to his family, especially his wife of nearly 60 years. When he dies he leaves his Charleston estate to his grandson, Michael, an aspiring writer himself. Michael settles in to write his own first novel and discovers an unpublished manuscript his grandfather had written, something he'd kept hidden from everyone but clearly intended Michael to find. Michael begins to read an exciting tale about Nazi spies and sabotage, but something about this story is different from all of Gerard Warner's other books. It's actually a love story.

As Michael delves deeper into the story he discovers something that has the power to change not only his future but his past as well.

My personal thoughts:

Dan Walsh never disappoints! His writing style and subjects are always different and grabs you from the very first page. And it gets better as you delve in the next chapter and the next...I am sure you get the drift! I enjoy his books and have come to expect a good story anytime I see his name. I have also had the pleasure in reviewing 'Remembering Christmas', another of his titles before (read here).

Ever notice when an author describes a fellow author, a successful author at that, they tend to describe hopefully themselves and fail dismally? Not so for this writer!
In this latest novel  he tells us of two different authors, moving his subjects back and forth betwixt WWII and present time. Taking readers into the world of U Boats and the little known area of enemy spies and saboteurs on home ground,  Dan Walsh delivers love stories, family lives spanning the past and the present and good old fashioned values in wartime USA.

In 'The Discovery' readers aficionado will uncover the intriguing story behind finding a best seller manuscript, and finding oneself whilst uncovering true family history.
Dan Walsh is giving us his very best once again and yes, this is a page turner! Don't plan on anything else, you will want to read this until the last word!

Finally, as the plot unfolds for our protagonists, we learn of true patriotism, honour, loyalty and duty whilst experiencing also trials and errors in US security.

An excellent story worth every one of its 5 stars of course! 
Dan Walsh' creative skills should be praised once again for its family and Christian values. Priceless in these trouble times!
Read it! You will truly enjoy 'The Discovery'!

About the author:

A retired Pastor, Dan Walsh now writes full time. To find out  more about him, visit his website (here)

I received this book free from BAKER/REVELL as part of their blogger review program.
I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC 16 CFR, Part 255 'Guides concerning the use of endorsements and testimonials in advertising. I was not asked to write a positive review and all opinions expressed are entirely my own.

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