07 June 2013

Eau De Chien Anyone?

Yah, Yah! I rolled in 'something'! Smells just fine to me!

Dog house or Bath? Is that a trick question?

Ok, Ok, I get it! Fine! Be that way!!

Hey, I already promised I won't run away!

Look at me! I lost 5 pounds in the process!

What's that smell? Is that a flowery scented shampoo? Great, the guys' gonna laugh at me!

Look at my bloomers! I look like a giant fluff ball! Happy now?

Note: All comments are Mac's, owner abstains from stating the obvious!


  1. I love it Angus is a horror to bath, it takes two people and it only happens is sunny weather because everyone gets very wet and he takes a long time to dry. Your little fellow looks happier about a bath but not enjoying it at all.

  2. Mac has an aversion to anything wet, believe me! Drying time (no hair dryer mind you as he abhors it) is approximately two days at the very best!
    Hugs to Angus!

  3. WoW!!! Love all of the pictures~

  4. Thank you kindly Kayla! Mac is quite the comedian, trust me!

  5. Sounds just like my two furry friends. They are amazing.

  6. I couldn't live without a furry friend nearby! Their love is unconditional, surely a gift from above!
    God bless,


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