18 June 2013

Oh Sally, I Cannot Resist Your Sweet face!

(Photo Source HERE)

Check out this U.K. article by Ross Parry and Sara C. Nelson:

Asperger's Syndrome Teenager Nick Gilling Has New Lease Of Life Thanks To Corgi Dog Sally!

"A teenager suffering from Asperger’s Syndrome has overcome his agoraphobia thanks to his dog, who even dresses up in his school uniform to encourage him to attend.

Nick Gilling, 14, has seen his life revolutionised since the arrival of Sally, 

a Crufts-winning Corgi, 18 months ago. 

Sally, whose grandfather was a stud to the Queen’s corgis, is even clever enough

 to play cards with Nick to help him interact. "

Full article (HERE)!

"She has changed my life and makes me smile every day." Well, all I can say Nick, I know what you mean! We are corgi lovers in this family (5 so far)!

Do I hear anyone saying CORGI POWER??!!
(alright, I am a tad prejudiced, what can I say?!)


  1. They are wonderful dogs, I have never know a nasty one and those sweet faces what more can you say.

    1. It's been love at first sight since my daughter introduced me to the breed! That said, they are not for everyone as they have their own distinct character, a mind of their own so to speak (actually, a stubborn streak, must be the Welsh side!) and are really a sort of cross betwixt cat and dog! They are however fiercely loyal and loveable!
      Give a hug to Angus will you for us?!

  2. Awesome!! next dog I get is a corgi :) I have wanted one for years they are so adorable ~thanks for all the book links you sent me!! Love Heather

    1. Heather, I hope you do but beware of backyards breeders! Buy through a reputable breeder recommended by the AKC only! Overbreeding is a problem!
      A Corgi becomes you best friend but needs to be with you at ALL time, for bonding is very important!
      Meanwhile, Bear is still one of my favourite pooches!
      Hope the links helped!
      God bless,

  3. Hahaha Love this picture. I have been wanting to get a dog so much, and these pictures make me want one even more.


  4. Sheri, don't wait any longer! There are countless pets waiting for a good home, all ours were rescued and we have never been sorry! Love is all it takes!
    God bless,


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