02 June 2013

Of Bears And Butterflies And Others Things To Dream By...

(Embrace II, The by Robert Bissell - Source HERE)

I knew nothing of this artist's amazing talent when I first spotted a bear surrounded by blue butterflies but I have a feeling it must have been titled Embrace I! 
It is said that in Robert Bissell paintings, the world of animals is a mirror for human existence, self-definition and self-reflection. His studio's name just happens to be Dreamstudio! Perfect!
On 1 June 2013 his one man show at Borsini-Burr Galeries offered 18 new originals and I only wish I could have attended!
If you are a book lover and appreciate art, know that his book entitled 'HERO' is breathtaking! Take a moment to visit his website (HERE) to understand what I mean.

(Solo by Lori Preusch - Source HERE)

Lori Preusch offers paintings you can easily loose yourself into as you dream (and I am so good at it!) I discovered her paintings one day on the Internet and never looked back! For those of you who are regulars on this blog you probably have seen many of her paintings! 

(Kindred Spirits - Lori Preusch)

Lori says: "Many thought this was my interpretation of the characters in the children's books… the Chronicles of Narnia…but the truth is I had never heard of the books when I painting this.
…She is finding warmth, protection, security tucked into the lion… Kindred Spirits… as one."

This painting has a special meaning for me but then I like all of her artwork!

(Quill by Lori Preusch)

"Intelligence... a child embed with wisdom... this painting epitomizes that idea.
I like to show the wisdom filled child... capable and owning fully the depth of who they are and with an insatiable appetite for what ever their desire... be it scholarly pursuits, studying, discovery, inventing, creating...."

Quill reminds me of my daughter who loved to write poetry and has always displayed a fondness for Ravens!

Note: Mentions of both artists and gallery were not requested! Like many admirers I follow through newsletters but thought you would appreciate their talents!


  1. I love this beautiful art! I went to Robert's website but do you have Lori's blog addy? Could you email it to me? Thanks! I am in AWE!!!

  2. Sadly, no Diane! I dream of owning both Robert and Lori's books!

  3. They are wonderful paintings there is a touch of magic in them.

    1. I thought of you Merle when I checked out their latest selections! Now if either of these amazing artists could be inspired to feature a corgi...


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