20 August 2013

For A Little Excitement...

For a little excitement today, we felt a slight 'shift' in the Earth and a whole lot of shaking in the house...
Ah well, most of us live dangerously these days...

  1. 3.6 2km ENE of Key Center, Washington 2013-08-20 11:41:30 UTC-07:00 11.7 km
  2. 4.9 158km E of Iwaki, Japan 2013-08-20 10:41:20 UTC-07:00 18.3 km
  3. 3.0 10km N of Nevada City, California 2013-08-20 10:16:25 UTC-07:00 33.7 km
Nothing is broken, both MAC the Corgi and Maira the Cat seems fine and all is well...
Hoping of course it is not the first of a series...

Now back to my baking:

 Stay tuned for more interesting reviews in the next few days...(and Giveaways!)


  1. Oh my! I'm glad you are ok! Save me one of those pies my friend!

  2. If you like Pork Pies, I will gladly send you the recipe!

  3. New Zealand had a earthquake the other day too, and those porkpies do look good.

    1. The first thing ex-RAF flyboy does when we go home is buy one so this past year I decided it was high time I learn to bake some (the British shoppe nearby ask an arm and a leg for those and I doubt their freshness!). Happily, it wasn't hard to master (now that I have the moulds!)

  4. Wow glad you and all the fur babes are ok! And yes those Pork pies look yummmm!!

    1. Thank you Kayla! It is only the second time this has happened in the ten years we have lived on the island.
      From time to time, I guess we need such a reminder and not get too complacent!
      Pork pies are not the usual fare for Yanks. You are the second one to surprise me!
      Have a nice day, Dear! Hugs to the kiddies!

  5. Oh, I bet that scared you a bit, Noelle. I actually felt a shake a couple months ago here, and it surprised me, as we've never had anything like that before. Those pot pies look so yummy.

    Yaaaay, a Giveaway!! Be sure to let me know when you decide to have one.


    1. Nothing like a gentle reminder Sheri! By the by, those are PORK pies (eaten cold for supper in our case).
      Giveaway? I am aiming for October after dry dock.
      All the best,


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