04 August 2013

When I Read A Book...

When I read a book I seem to read it with my eyes only, but now and then I come across a passage, perhaps only a phrase, which has a meaning for me, and it becomes part of me...

Sometimes, it is only the beginning...


  1. Some books you read some books you live along with the story.

  2. I like that Merle!! Adding it to my book of quotes!
    All the best,

  3. Oh Noelle, I love this picture. I think I will show it to Nel, as she is the book lover of the family. It's wonderful that you love to read so much. I bet it takes you from one adventure to another. I must get back to it as soon as I find our final home to settle in. Have been so busy with that lately.

    Have a happy week.


  4. Dear Sheri,
    Reading has been the one constant in my life (for which I'll be forever grateful to my Granny!).
    Your final home sounds so...final! Both ex-RAF hubby and I have lived in so many places, I daresay we still have a few more homes in the future...
    Books, telescopes, a handful of 'precious' hand me downs and a roof have always been the only prerequisite! Who knows where the winds will take us next...
    Blessings Dear, it's always nice to hear from you!

  5. So so soooo true!! I love reading. It is my calm time and it is the best ever.

    1. I can't begin to count how many ways reading had helped me in life!
      Blessings to you and yours,

  6. Once upon a time...roots of the past that grow into the tree of the future. I always picture my tree as the Willow.

    Thank you for this.

    1. A willow did you say? Very nice! You know all I could come up with is I want to be a Christmas tree...
      Must be the child in me? I am hopeless, I know!
      Thank you for stopping by,

  7. Outside a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside a dog it is too dark to read.

    Thanx for visiting my Blog and commenting there. If you like to read you can download my FREE E Books from my Blog. Come to think of it ... perhaps I should read them sometime!

    God bless you and yours.

    1. Victor,
      Aunt Gertrude will remain with us for a long time! Priceless, what a gal!
      So you have not read them...Now I am intrigued!


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