08 August 2013

Reading Is Dreaming With Open Eyes!

In a previous post I wrote something along the line: 'A good book will draw you in, hold your attention throughout and is hard to put down!'
Using a basic review system to evaluate plot, characterization, and overall quality allows any reader to give his/her opinion. And that's what I am, a reader just like yourself!

Most readers enjoy sharing their opinion about such or such book and I do it with blogging (I tried sharing with the local fauna with little results, they just want treats). 

Since I  personally like to read Historical Fiction, my reviews will stress the plot line, the characters, perhaps the dialogue if and when applicable and of course, if the novel was enjoyable, perhaps exciting, believable, romantic etc...

Of course, there are other genres such as non fiction and general interest and I have had the opportunity to feature these as well. My own interests lies in Christian material when all possible so I usually speak of the message, the accuracy of the text (in my limited capacity of student of the Word) and its over all presentation. Most important to me are the notes, acknowledgements etc...These reflect a well researched novel and I like to check them out just like the special features of a movie!
Finally, it is my opinion that if the cover is not attractive, you are hardly going to notice it on the shelf! 

A good review (of novels) should never spoil the plot for readers and never, never should it be anything other than respectful for the author. Think of the time involved in writing the novel in the first place (one British author took 20 years to write his first novel and I just recently reviewed an American mother/daughter team who dedicated 14 years to theirs!) 

Also if the material contains themes aimed at a particular audience, it should be stated to be sure readers know what to expect!
But for a handful of professionals (with actual qualifications), most reviewers I believe uses a simple star scale system to share their opinion with readers.
My own version: 

1- Dislike this book intensely
2- Did not like it
3- Liked it
4- Liked it a lot
5- Absolutely loved it! 

And since I much prefer to be positive versus negative, I just reversed it (and posted it on the right hand side of the blog page- Look for the poppies!):

5- A Keeper
4- Very good
3- So so
2- Hardly worth it
1- Skip it! 

It is said: "Reading is Dreaming With Open Eyes!' Need I say anything else?!
Happy reading!

Note: Check tomorrow's post for a sweet opportunity! 


  1. I always try and finish a book because more than once the book has grabbed me when I well into it and sometimes I love it to start and lose interest as I read on, but you don't what a book has to offer till it's finished Merle.............

  2. That's very true Merle. Only once did I refuse to finish reading a novel and so often the end has a few surprises...So until The End, it is worth finding out!

  3. I like your ratings. I always used a scale of 1 to 10 so I had more leeway! lol I gave out 10 for only those special books that were destined to be classics! Sweet hugs!

  4. Ah, Ah Diane! I quickly realized that reviewing a book these days is nothing like the literary analysises we did in school or University! Then of course, they were mostly French or Russian, very little English translations.

    I have found very little material I would term as destined to be Classics in today's publications. I concentrate on the entertainment, the messages behind the writing and all the historical facts I have been able to gather...It is what I love most and then occasionally, I have found a special author...Their books remain on my shelves along treasured Classics!
    I hope I have grown as a person as I went along...I pray I did!


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