05 October 2013

Castaways No More...

(Photo source Pamela Headridge - A Scroggins Design)

Our island ferry returned on Friday around half past five and we are castaways no more!
Monday will see us off island to pick up post, parcels and of course supplies, particularly fresh ones and stopping at the local library (the ladies have warned me there is quite a pile waiting for me)!

Making a list...Priorities first of course...
Let's see...

1 - Chocolate!
2 - Doggie biscuits!! Kitty treats!!
3 - Pick up that (rather large pile) of novels (I just finished my very last one!)

Well, for a start, it will do!

Good news: The Sun is burning through the thick fog we experienced again this morning!

Wishing each and everyone a pleasant weekend and many blessings,


  1. I'm so happy for you! Better add to that list! And enjoy your weekend my friend!

    1. I already have two pages down and hubby asked if the SUV will hold it all!
      All the best,

  2. So glad you got the list right chocolate should alway came first, keep the animals happy and reading to do while eating the chocolate, happy to see you are now connected to the mainland again.
    Merle..... ..... .....

    1. As much as I enjoy the peace and quiet during dry dock, I agree to have the ferry if only during the daytime (it stops at 7pm) is reassuring Merle!
      All the best and hugs to Angus!

  3. Do you get cut off like this often? It does sound rather nice, unless there is an emergency.

    1. In eleven years we have never (until this dry dock) worried about being cut off. Ex-RAF hubby was stationed for years on an island in the South Pacific and used to depend on supplies brought by air every 6 to 8 weeks. I had to learn to make lists once we moved here as once the ferry docks at dusk, we are out of luck!
      That said, you adapt after a while and it only happens once a year, usually about 2 weeks.The extend of the projected work (new engines) was the reason for the 3 weeks period.
      I much prefer the 'scheduled' dry dock to being without power for 9 days+ in the middle of winter!

  4. Npelle,
    It is so amazing how you live. You are so brave to live where you do, and this picture is so beautiful. It makes me think.......me and husband have been pondering over living in the mountains. It's not as isolated because there are neighbors and a town up the road, but it is a bit out of the way. I am used to the suburbs where there are malls, shopping, etc., so this would be a big change for me. I would love to know your input and what you think about me relocating.

    I'm glad your mail is coming in to you. Happy October, Noelle!



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