29 October 2013

In Thoughts and Prayers...

(Source HERE)

Like many we have been listening to the BBC to hear how family and friends are faring in 99mph winds in Britain. At this time it is also known that the storm has hit the Continent and caused much havoc overthere as well and more has yet to come!

More information (HERE) and (HERE).

Sending thoughts and prayers to all on Blogland! May you and your families be safe!
God speed!


  1. Noelle,
    What a strong storm this is! I am thinking of the families that are affected by this and hoping they are alright.

    Thanks for sharing this little video. It was very interesting.


    1. Gloucestershire and Worcestershire were not as affected as we feared but Kent reported damages: 3 fence panels (nothing flimsy either!), and a neighbour's apple and pear trees uprooted and flying over the fence complete with the fruits on!
      Some were not as lucky and much damage due to flooding will have to be dealt with.


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