28 October 2013

Erma Bombeck Had It Right!

Life is just a bowl of cherries...or so I thought! I even imagined I was the only one 'in the pits' but not so!
Erma Bombeck had it right: If Life is supposed to be a bowl of cherries, why am I in the pits?

I think all of us are  familiar with the saying but have we read this down to earth and very witty author's writing? Not in my case so I will have to remedy this asap!  It definitively applies here, trust me without my boring you with all the details!

Since we have already lost the power twice whilst I wrote this post I am rushing to publish it as fast as I can!

Autumn has showned its face on our island with much marine fog, stormy weather and dreary skies!
To those of you who have shared the wonderful colours of Fall elsewhere, thank you! Indian summers are so beautiful!
A pod of whales swam nearby, seagulls are following what must be a rather large school of herrings and seals are seen bopping along the shore.

An idyllic life if it weren't for a series of mishaps one after the other starting with our Corgi being bitten by a rather nasty spider on 4th October! 
One emergency evacuation (in a skiff since we were in dry dock!) to an animal hospital followed by around the clock care, followed by another visit to our regular Vet for what appears to be the result of scratching (it's a dog people!), more shaving (we now nicknamed him Scarface) another round of antibiotics, antibacterial spray and finally the ignominy of wearing a (cone of infamy) collar...

Thanks to a kindred spirit (Meet Bailey Bear and his human HERE), Mac did not have to wear one of those stiff plastic collar (we are talking Corgis here Folks, short on legs!) and is now sporting (day and night) the latest apparatus for keeping oneself from scratching (at least for dogs!).

Below a recap if you missed it the first time:


And here is Mac (so depressed we called the Vet today...Going back on 4 November!)

I believe God never gives to anyone more than he or she can handle but I also believe He is more of an optimist than I am! 
Right now, I am going to hide in a book, grab a chocolate (or two) and try to forget our woes!
Meet you here tomorrow with the first of a series of great reviews, including a GIVEAWAY Mums and Grandmother's won't want to miss!


  1. oh my gosh what an improvement over the big collar, what a sweet heart, hope all is well, oh my gosh to see whales, I certainly hope all the bad stuff is over, you are ready for some good!

    1. I would 'have never known about those soft collars had Karen (with Bailey's help) not mentioned it!
      Poor Mac, we can only hope it will soon be over!
      Thanks Laurie for stopping by and God bless!

  2. Poor Mac they look so sad when they are sick, it's taking a while to get over this, Angus had a big operation when he was a lot younger he swallowed a rock and it lodged somewhere in his system and wouldn't move so an operation was needed to save him, not a happy time.
    So Angus sends his love as he knows what it's like.

    1. Oh my, Poor Angus!
      Mac's immune system was already low and possibly this is why it is taking him longer to recover.
      Tell Angus 'Thank you'! Good thoughts and prayers will do it every time!

  3. That collar is so much better than the old cone of shame! Poor Mac, what an ordeal
    Until last week I was unaware of Erma Bombeck, and yet now I have heard her mentioned twice in the course of a few days; I need to read her work too.
    I wish I could see a pod of whales.

    1. She was someone often mentioned when I first came to the US but humour such as hers went right over my head (I was too busy trying to translate I guess).
      Like you I should read her books (The one about grass always being greener above the septic tank sounds hilarious!).
      I often hear whales but in the fog cannot see them (we are on the highest point of the island) unless I on the ferry!

  4. Praying for Mac... He does look adorable :)

  5. How is Mac doing? My fur babies are adjusting to the cooler weather. My Suzie girl has been snuggling extra close these days!


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