13 February 2014

The Seed Of Peace: An Invitation For Readers!


Plant The Seed Of Peace (thought for today)

'As our thought so is our consciousness, and as is our consciousness so is our life. Let your first thought of the day simply be peaceful. Plant this seed. Water it with attention and you will gather the calm.'
(Source HERE)

These last few days I have garnered all sorts of information about a subject I will be the first to admit, I know nothing about. The whole idea was to prepare for a review and not just any review.

It all started with finding this title on a PR site with the opportunity to win a copy of a book I felt perfect for this time of the year...You know, Valentine's Day, love and so on...

"This particular novel was described as a rare gem in English-language literature about Korea, a story that takes us deep into the devotion and secrets of a family living in Seoul at the cusp of the Korean War and a tale that spans decades."

So I used the best tool available to all of us (this being of course the Internet - when available!) and decided to browse.
Sadly, most of us often associate Korea with the dramatic conflict of 1950-1953:

In July 1953 the Korean war came to an end with loss of lives of up to 5 million soldiers and civilians.
To date, the Korean Peninsula is still divided.

Korea remains part of the daily news feed (not to be dismissed but always to be taken with a pinch of salt) but I wished to concentrate instead on its amazing beauty!

Note: I will not bore you with those facts you can easily find for yourself but instead share what surprised me:

KOREA or The Land Of The Morning Calm...

Long ago, an emperor of the Ming dynasty of China, the Celestial Empire of the East, gave Korea the title of 'Chaohsien' meaning morning freshness. The title was most suited to South Korea because of its spellbinding natural beauty of picturesque high mountains and clear waters and its splen-did tranquillity, particularly in the morning which further confirmed the title on South Korea as the 'Land of Morning Calm'.

(Source Here)

Jeju Island - South Korea

This beautiful island also has many names like Doi, Dongyeongju, Juho, Tammora, Seomna, Tangna or Tamra.

(Photo source HERE)

Below are two views of Halla Mountain - Hallasan National Park

'Situated in the Jeju-do province, Hallasan National Park’s most popular feature is Mount Halla, a dormant volcano and the highest peak in South Korea. Surrounding the foot of the mountain are fertile fields, lovely tangerine groves, verdant forests and picturesque villages. Its summit, the Baeknokdam Crater, is particularly famous among visitors for its stunning blue lake.'
(Source HERE)

Please join me tomorrow 14 February 2014 for my review of a novel deemed by David H. Lynn, Editor of the KENYON REVIEW to be: "An illuminating power that is very rare!"


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  3. Peace Hope and Love ... if only we had these in this world.

    God bless.

    1. As long as we have the last two Victor, there is a chance for the first!


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